“Will you be my”, creative box gift ideas

Looking for creative and unique to you way to “pop” the question to your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour? Send them a hand selected box full of goodies with that very important question inside! This post will go over a couple interesting items to fill your ‘Will you be my bridesmaid box’.

Framed Photo

Select a photo of you and your bridesmaid to be printed and framed. Find an image from facebook else casually take a selfie with her the next time you see her. Having photos printed is actually relatively inexpensive. The real cost is in the frames which with a bit of searching you’ll find a good deal.

Printable DIY ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’ card

Cape Town Wedding Bridesmaid Printable

Have a card printed with the question ‘Will you be my Bridesmaid / Maid of Honour’ on it with perhaps a short written message why you picked them. You can find free printable cards online for the DIY bride for example this ‘Vintage Free Printable Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card’ from http://www.weddingchicks.com/

Custom Hanger with their Name

Cape Town Wedding Bridesmaid Box Hanger

Send your bridesmaid to be a hanger with their name in it for them to hang their dress from. You can order custom hangers online from the hellopretty user ‘the desert rose project’ here. Other hanger ideas include painting them to suit your colour theme or painting their name of the hangers. A creative way to get your bridesmaids excited about dress shopping.

Nail Polish

Cape Town Wedding Bridesmaid Nails

Buy your bridesmaids to be the nail polish you want them to wear on the day. To go with that, add in a nail file.

A copy of the hilarious move ‘Bridesmaids’

Cape Town Wedding Bridemaids Movie

A hysterical guide on how not to be a bridesmaid. You can order copies of the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ online. There are actually a ton of wedding related movies which might suit your friendship more.

Box fillers

Cape Town Wedding Bridemaids Proposal Box Ginger

Still want to pop for few smaller items into your box. Editable items like chocolate or ginger bread biscuits in the shape of a wedding ring or dress. Colour swatches for what colours you want their feed back on. With that you could if possible send fabric samples too.

When creating your proposal box add items that make the package feel more personal as well as can get the bridesmaid to be involved in the wedding. Feel like we missed any important items? Leave a comment with what you sent or sending out in your proposal package?

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