5 Sweet Scrabble Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

Weddings are the cornerstone of a love story. It’s when 2 people join together to define the next chapter of their lives. If you’re a book worm or just love the symbolism of the ‘love story’, you’ve most likely been considering a somewhat scrabble inspired wedding theme.

In this post we’ll cover 5 ways to make use of scrabble pieces for your wedding. From decor, photos and even more practical uses.

Engagement photos

Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Engagement Photo Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Engagement Photo

Some times the small details stand out the most. Making use of scrabble pieces that spell out your names or phrases like ‘I said yes’ will really tell the story of the reason for these photos.

Cards Table

Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Card Table

Use scrabble pieces to let your guests know where your gifts / cards table is. Take this opportunity to spell out a little thank you message too.

Table Numbers

Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Table Number

If you throwing around the idea of using names for each table this will be perfect for you. Spell out each table name like ‘love’ or ‘happiness’ will look great and is really easy to setup. Alternatively for the traditional bride you could simply spell out each table number.

Seating Plan

Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Seating Plan

This ties in well with a scrabble inspired table numbers. Simply use the scrabble letters to spell out the table numbers and print out your guests names below. Top that off by placing this over a scrabble board.

Lawn Game

Cape Town Wedding - Scrabble Lawn Game

Looking for ways to entertain your wedding guests? Entertain your guests with a large scale version of scrabble. This is perfect if you have a large open grass area at your wedding venue.

Wondering where to find all these scrabble sets? We suggest going to the market to find old sets if you have the time to hunt for a good deal. Alternatively if you prefer to sit back and order items online have a look on bidorbuy.co.za for old scrabble sets. You might have to order from multiple sellers as each person is most likely selling their own person set they no longer use.

Hopefully this post has sparked scrabble inspired wedding ideas. Are we forgetting something? Comment below with your favourite scrabble themed wedding ideas.

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