Just Married Wedding Car Decor Ideas You’ll Love

A wedding is an event that is usually planned for months, even years. Each aspect of a wedding is made to add to the joy and celebration. The wedding car has been a long standing tradition and is a wedding photo album piece most couples put a lot of thought into.

If you already have your dream car the only thing left is adding some ‘just married’ decor. We’ll cover 6 ways to add that styled and personalized decor to your wedding car.


I have a love hate relationship with flowers. Its hard not to instantly fall in love with flowers especially when done this well. They are, however, a quick way to burn a hole in your budget. While it’s definitely not for everyone these couple certainly created something special.

This style is best suited for those who are going with an older car.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Flower

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Flower


Let people know the occasion with a ‘just married’ bunting sign. Simple hook it into the back windows or anywhere it can be tied. A very quick and easy way to decorate your wedding car.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Bunting

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Bunting


Tying tins to the back of your wedding car is one of the more common car decor items. Its easy to style and customize to suit your colours or theme. Personalize your wedding car cans with little messages written on the cans. After your wedding use these cans as decor for your house or as little pot plants.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Tins


Don’t want something too elaborate? Vinyl signage might be the answer. Simply have your just married sign printed and apply it to the back window, anyone could do it. Easy to personalize too with your names and wedding date. Make sure you speak to the car owner. Even though it will not damage their car some owners might have an issue with vinyl being applied to their car.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Vinyl


If you having a vintage inspired wedding or just looking for something really simple. Suitcases are a symbol of the journey the newly weds are about to embark on. Just placing the suitcases next to your car in most cases will be enough. This will ensure you don’t possibly damage the car.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Suitcase

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Suitcase


Large over sized balloons are gaining popularity in the wedding world. If you’ve seen the movie ‘UP’ you’ll know why.  This is perfect for pastel coloured weddings. Save some of that budget by making use of the balloons for your couple photos before tying it to your wedding car.

Cape Town Wedding Car Decor Balloons

Still trying to decide how to decorate your wedding car? Hopefully this post has helped inspired your car decor. Having something to add? Comment below with your favorite wedding car ideas.

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