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“Will you be my”, creative box gift ideas

Looking for creative and unique to you way to “pop” the question to your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour? Send them a hand selected box full of goodies with that very important question inside! This post will go over a couple interesting items to fill your ‘Will you be my bridesmaid box’. Framed Photo Select a photo of you and your bridesmaid to be printed and framed. Find an image
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Creative Mirror Wedding Day Ideas

Everyone has heard the classic “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All” but perhaps it is not only about the ‘who‘ instead the how when and where. The use of mirrors in weddings are on the rise. It is no wonder when you think about the many ways mirrors can be used. This post will showcase creative ideas on how you could use mirrors on your wedding
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12 Beautiful Wedding Send Off Ideas

It is a time honoured tradition of throwing uncooked rice a over the newly wed Mr & Mrs. Believed to bring prosperity, fertility and, of course, good fortune. Times have changed and while we still the send off the couple, its become common to use creative alternatives. This post covers 12 beautiful wedding send off ideas. 1. Paper Planes The throwing of paper planes is a growing trend. It easy, relatively cost effective and
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