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“Will you be my”, creative box gift ideas

Looking for creative and unique to you way to “pop” the question to your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour? Send them a hand selected box full of goodies with that very important question inside! This post will go over a couple interesting items to fill your ‘Will you be my bridesmaid box’. Framed Photo Select a photo of you and your bridesmaid to be printed and framed. Find an image
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Bridesmaid Duties Explained

Have you been asked to be a bridesmaid and not even sure what you signed up for? Don’t worry, because this post simply and easily breaks down the bridesmaid duties and what you can expect. Before we break down each part lets first understand why you have been asked and what the bride wants. The average bride has between 4-8 bridesmaid and a maid of honour. This means the amount of help required will be
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