8 Simple Wedding Games to Entertain Your Guests

Between the wedding ceremony and the start of the reception, while the bride and groom take photos, what do the guests do? Guests are left with little options while waiting for the couple to finish taking photos. Usually the newlyweds spend between 45 mins to 2 hours with their photographer pre-reception taking hundreds of photos. That is a long time for your guests to be making small talk.

Your guests are left waiting around bored and quickly running out of things to say to each other.

Keep your wedding guests entertained with 8 simple wedding games your guests will know and love.

Cape Town Wedding Games Boule

1. Boules

This is traditional and popular in France and Italy. Also known as Pétanque. The object of the game is to throw or roll large orange sized metal balls toward a smaller ball called the jack. The team who manages to get their ball closest to the jack wins that round.

Pros: Easy to start playing as the game is straight forward without having to know all the rules. Simply aim, roll and try to get close to the jack. Great for your older guests wanting a more laid back game. While still competitive it does not require much physical involvement or strategy. Can involve a number of people split into 2 teams each taking a turn to win a point for their team each round.

Cons: Requires a large open area as you need to roll metal balls at a small target 5-10 meters away. Can get a little repetitive when playing it multiple times. This is an outdoor only game.

Cape Town Wedding Games Noughts and Crosses

2. Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and crosses, otherwise known as Tic-tac-toe, is a 2 player game. Each taking a turn to place an X or O onto a 3 by 3 grid. While normally played with pen and paper for events you could hire giant sets. Each set made from a wooden black board and blocks for the X and O’s placed on the grid.

Pros: Everyone knows this game and therefore very easy for anyone to join in. Can be played multiple times before becoming repetitive. Also an easy game to play tournament style with the winners of each rounds facing off to find the best.

Cons: Limited to 2 players at a time, however 3 or 4 sets are should allow for a lot of guests to get a game in before the reception starts. Because it is so well known it does take some of the fun of out it since everyone has played it many times before.

Cape Town Wedding Games Croquet

3. Croquet

Croquet is a game where players hit wooden balls through hoops stuck into the ground. The hitting of the balls with mallets is similar in action to that of mini golf. The challenge is getting the balls to pass through each hoop is the fewest strokes.

Pros: Although not many people know the rules it’s the type of game your guests will enjoy learning. Four of your guests playing at once, in teams of two. Great couples games.

Cons: Requires an open area roughly 6 meters by 10 meters. Some might find it too much to learn all the rules. Can only be played outside in an area with grass so each hoop can be knocked in.

Cape Town Wedding Games Cornhole

4. Corn Hole

The object of corn hole is to toss bean bags at a raised platform with a hole in it from a distance. Each player takes turns trying to get the bag in the hole for 3 points or on the board for 1 point. First to 21 is declared the winner.

Pros: Fun, easy game where guests don’t have to think strategy. Easy to increase the difficulty each round as guests can simply take an extra step back. Can be played in teams. Many types of game plays from sliding the bag in, throwing it right at the hole or just trying to land on the board or even knocking other bags off.

Cons: After throwing all the bags at the hole someone has to walk back and fetch them again which can get boring quick. Overall though corn hole is a really fun game without many negatives.

Cape Town Wedding Games Giant Jenga

5. Giant Jenga

A tower of 54 wooden blocks is stacked to form a tower. Each player takes a turn removing 1 block at a time then places that block on top of the tower. This makes the tower larger but also dramatically less stable and more likely to topple over. The last player to successfully pull and place a piece is the winner.

Pros: Easy to understand but difficult to play as the game goes on. The pressure to not knock the tower down builds up making it more fun as it goes. This means one game can entertain your guests for a while. The unique combination of stress, joy and patience is unlike any other game.

Cons: Giant jenga is not as big as you might expect. Keeping in mind you want to start the tower pretty high but also not have a set so tall it’s difficult to build on. This is especially true for shorter guests. Made from solid wood to ensure they don’t fall over from the wind. Sometimes this means moving pieces can be more difficult due to the weight of each piece as well as the overall tower weight.

Cape Town Wedding Games Connect Four

6. Giant Connect Four

Connect four or also known as four in a row is a 2 player strategy game. Each player takes turns putting a coloured disc into suspended 7 by 6 grids. The object is to place your discs in a way to have 4 or more of your discs connect vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. First player to have 4 connecting pieces wins. The game gets harder as spots get filled.

Pros: A thinking game that can be played by 2 or 4 players working in teams taking alternating turns. Does not get repetitive as the 7 by 6 grid allows multiple strategies and no round is like the previous round.

Cons: Does require players to be somewhat similar in skills as someone who has not played verses an experienced player will lead to quick victories which neither side will actually enjoy. What makes this game fun is how competitive it is.

Cape Town Wedding Games Mad Libs

7. Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a short story game that has missing words throughout the story. A player prompts other players for words to fill in the blank to form a complete story. Often rather humorous and nonsensical.

Pros: An easy game to play that can involve a few people. Guaranteed a laugh. Custom stories can be created to suit the couple. At the end of the night they can be collected and given to the couple as a fun memory to read after the wedding.

Cons: Can be awkward for people who are embarrassed easily. Depending on the type of crowd playing results can be inappropriate. Not a game you would want to play more than once so while it’s very entertaining it does not keep your guests entertained for long.
Cape Town Wedding Games Chess

8. Giant Chess

A two player game where each player takes turns moving one of their 16 pieces. Each piece has it’s own rules and is used to capture your opponents pieces. Chess sets are used at weddings most likely because chess has a king and a queen. The queen being the most powerful piece.

Pros: Very fun and engaging game for those who know how to play. The black and white colours suit most weddings.

Cons: Not a game your guests can pick up and play if they don’t know the rules before hand. If your hiring a chess set it can be difficult to transport as there are 32 pieces and a board. Can only be 2 players at a time. Overall, while a fun idea and it looks cool not actually very practical for most weddings.

So should you hire wedding games? Yes!

While not all games will suit the style, colour or guests there are certainly enough options to please your guests. Not only are wedding games entertaining for those playing but also those watching. It also gives the guests an interesting story to remember each other by. Think 6 months later when your guests bump into each other and can say “Oh yes I remember you, we played croquet together at the wedding.”

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Have we left anything out? Do you have something to add or have you been to a wedding with games? Let us know in the comments below.

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