8 Examples of Wedding Photography Shot at Night

Cape Town is known for its night life but what about its night time wedding photography. This post is a quick round up of 8 amazing wedding photography shots taken at night. While sadly these aren’t from Cape Town it should still serve as inspiration for your wedding.


1. As the day progresses its not¬†quite dark yet but its defiantly settling in. A photo I’m sure they will enjoy for ever.


2. What really makes this photos is the fairy lighting wrapped around those trees. Its an easy way to both ensure good lighting at night and decorate your venue.


3. A theme running across these photos is creating unique light sources. Hanging console jars with candles in them provides the light. What makes this image great is the depth created by varying lengths of the jars as well as the jar placement.


4. Lighting the way with console jars again, this time being hung from Shepard hooks. An alternative to the console jar would be lanterns or even bird cages.


5. Indoor shot but still making use of fairy lights. What I like about this photo is you can see a little of what is going on in the background but the focus is on the bride and groom. The light trailing in the distance is what gives this photo depth thus making the bride and groom stand out.


6. A sparkling send off with each guest leading the way using long length sparklers.


7. Sparklers can also be used to spell out words or draw pictures. Long length sparklers are a great way to great dynamic photos while also getting your guests involved.


8. As the night closes, you and your partner officially start your journey together as Mr & Mrs.

Taking your wedding photos at night can create magical moments. The right use of light and creating depth are a sure fire shot to success. Don’t be left in the dark on your wedding night. Find out from your venue what lighting option they have and speak to your photographer to ensure they have the required equipment.

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Missing something? Do you have more creative ideas for wedding photography shot at night or have any question? Comment below.

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