6 Unusual Engagement Shoot Ideas

Engagement shoots have grown in popularity over the recent years. As your facebook timeline fills up with wedding photos its hard to come up with something new, creative and interesting your friends have not done before. You deserve something more than just photos taken while standing in a field. This post will go over 6 unusual engagement shoot ideas to add spark to your photos.

Pillow FIght

Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot  - Pillow Flight

Connected with your inner child. A symbol for fun and playfulness. Use a feathered pillow, allowing the feathers to seep out to create a feathery confetti. An inexpensive idea that gives you something to do as well as adds to scenery.

Amusement Park

Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot Ratanga

Amusement parks are always fun, making it difficult to go wrong. Ratanga Junction is only 13 km from Cape Town CBD and has a lot to offer. While this can be a bit more pricey you know you’ll have a lot to do and a lot of different scenery choices in front of the variety of rides.

Holi Inspired Colour War

Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot - Holi

Holi festival is also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love.  The coloured powered can actually be made at home. You can read how to create holi festival coloured powder at abeautifulmess.com. Depending on how much dye is used the powder can be washed out.


Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot - Arcade

Taking your relationship to the next level in an arcade. Plenty games to play and show just how much fun you guys have together.This would be a great idea for those couple who are a little on the competitive side.

Hot Air Balloon

Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot - Hot Air Ballon

Hot air balloon are a symbol of freedom and excitement.  Take advantage of having photos taken on the ground as well as in the air. The balloon colours really makes it pop. One of the most expensive options, R 2000 – R4000 per person depending on the season.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download


Cape Town Wedding Engagement Shoot  - Picnic

Simple, quick and fun.  A chance to show off your creative skills while decorating your picnic.  Hire bashew crates, vintage books , old suitcase or what ever will make your picnic stand out. If you looking to hire vintage decor items in cape town for your engagement shoot try Quirky Parties.

Engagement shoots are a chance for the couple to get a feel for the photographer and their work before the big day. It is also an opportunity to show their creative side in fun unique ways that represent the couple. Hopefully these 6 unusual engagement shoot ideas has inspired your engagement shoot.

Have any other engagement shoot ideas? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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