5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is unlike any other wedding service in that the results can only be seen after the fact. This is why it is important to research wedding photographers as well as understand what it is you looking for. The following post will go over just 5 of the key points to look for when hiring a wedding photographer.

Cape Town Wedding - Wedding Photography | Spontaneous Pictures

1. Spontaneous Pictures

Your photographer should have a good balance of posed photos of your guest as well as spontaneous photos. These are photos which capture not only the guests but what they experiencing. This could range from photos of your guests dancing to photos featuring your guests laughing and enjoy the wedding. The goal is that you have an album of photos which when put together tell the story, not just who was there.

2. Discuss Ideas

When speaking to a photographer it might be useful to try and come up with some ideas for what photos you really want. This will help the photographer make sure to 1) get those photos and 2) come up with an interesting concept. This partly ties into the previous point of wanting to build a story through the photos. After having discussed some ideas and hopefully hearing what the photographer has to offer it will help make your decision on who to hire.

3. Their Equipment

Asking the photographer about their camera equipment will give you an insight into how knowledgeable they are about their profession. Along with that it helps you understand what to expect in terms of quality of photos. Most importantly find about what camera equipment from cameras, lens to lighting etc they have as backups should something go wrong.

Cape Town Wedding - Wedding Photography | Attention to Detail

4. Attention to Detail

Does the photographer have an eye for detail in their work? The wedding is your special day and you should have photos of all of it. Check if your photographer will come in to snap some shot before guest enter. This is a perfect time to get great photos of the decor, menus etc before the party starts.

5. When its Over

Find out what to expect once the wedding is over. Questions like, how many photos could you expect, how will you receive the photos and when will you received the them. Depending on budget you might want the photos on a CD and printed yourself verses having it printed in an album by the photographer. For brides on a budget remember you can always have your photos printed any time after the wedding. Remember, wedding photographers are busy, editing photos takes a long time. Some photographers take from 1 – 8 weeks maybe longer to complete the work.


Feel like we have left something out? Are you a wedding photographer or looking for one? Comment below, we would love to have your input.

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