10 Creative Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an important part of any wedding. It sets the tone for what your guests can expect at your wedding. Like most things wedding invites follow design trends while also trying to be original and true to the couples style.

This post will go over 10 types of creative wedding invitation ideas.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Puzzle

1. Puzzle

Puzzle invites have been around for a while. The basic concept is a symbol of pieces coming together to create a story. Much like guests coming to witness the wedding. A puzzle invite is guaranteed to get your guests involved. You really have a lot of room for creativity from size, style, packaging etc. Naturally a puzzle would be more expensive as you’re not only paying for printing but the cutting as well as how to present it.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Chalk

2. Chalkboard

Why not give your guests something they can use? Have your invite printed on transparent paper with white ink and place on top of a black chalk board. The only things to keep in mind is it can be expensive depending on size and wood type plus the weight of postage. Alternatively just have the chalkboard style invite printed on black paper. Still as beautiful, cheaper but just not reusable.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Balloon

3. Balloon

Take their breath away, literally, by having your invite printed on a balloon. Only once blown up, does it reveal the details. Balloon printing is actually not as expensive as you might think. We have seen from at little as R6 a balloon. With some more searching I’m sure you could find a bargain. As always there are a couple things to keep in mind. Blowing up the balloon can be inconvenient and also burst or deflated balloons can ruin the experience.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Wooden

4. Engraved Wood

In my opinion nothing says elegant than cleanly cut engraved dark wood. It reminds me of couples who carve their initials into trees. Wood invites are unlikely to get damaged. The only downside is the limitations on how creative you can be and its more expensive than traditional invites, especially when considering the weight and postage.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Photobooth

5. Photobooth

A quirky idea that is actually pretty genius. Simply hold up a couple of cards detailing the wedding and take some spontaneous photos. Inexpensive and really adds that personal feel. The only drawback is how limited you are in terms of space as usually photo booth images are really small.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Viewmaster

6. Viewmaster

A throw back to the old school days. For those who don’t know a view finder, it is basically a reel of small photos you view in sequence. A really fun way to get creative with multiple views to tell a story. Unfortunately this is one of the most expensive wedding invitations. Not only for the Viewmaster but for the printing, package and postage.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Newspaper

7. Newspapers

What better way then to tell your story. Newspapers have many elements you can get creative with. In the weather section you can predict sun shine and happiness for the couple or under personal ads you can describe the personality traits you seek in each other. Newspapers also allow for more info than you would typically get on an invite.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Vinyl

8. Vinyl

This is perfect for those who love to party. Good music, friends and family is everything is a wedding needs. The invite can be as simple as a new disk cover for the vinyl, detailing your wedding. On the other hand some couples have even had paper vinyl players with sound clips of the couple.

Cape Town Wedding Invites Willy Wonka

9. Chocolate Wrapper

Send your guests their golden ticket inside a Willy Wonka inspired chocolate bar. A treat I’m sure they will enjoy and a throw back the iconic childhood Willy Wonka movie. Perfect for a whimsical themed wedding. Just keep in mind chocolate can melt and therefore it would be best to hand deliver.


10. Origami Crane

The crane is a symbol for good fortune and longevity. This concept lends itself well to weddings as that is what we all look for, especially when 2 people tie the knot. It is only believed that if you fold 1000 origami cranes you will have 1 wish come true. This process of folding 1000 cranes has since become a symbol of hope.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas. Get creative, make something you will remember but at the same time appreciate that wedding invitations are only the start of something much bigger.

Feel like me missed a good idea? Comment below and tell us.

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